Good Music Radar provides a positive review of ‘Broken Heart’ (Promo Mix)

Satellite Train presents the single “Lies” a lively and thought-provoking song 

A light air to convince you to enjoy the notes of “ Lies ”, savoring the tones and not dwelling on empty words.

Elaborated by Satellite Train , a different band, that mixes different styles and nationalities, to create unique songs that shine the colors of the world and the glamor of life.

The instruments are organized in graceful and fun arrangements, playing at creating a pleasant feeling of well-being, to accompany the vocals, which, without losing their vibrancy, sing their considerations in an engaging way.

The words cut questions from a relationship in which it is confusing to trust someone who is not sincere, even if, attached to the feeling, the verses act as a request for clarification to happen.

In a subtle way, this composition urges the truths to be revealed, before the deceptions end up with something beautiful and sunny, leaving both hearts aching.

Following the beat, dance, analyze and build possibilities for your life, taking the opportunity to enjoy the future rhythms that Satellite Train will offer.

“ Lies ”, a high-spirited composition that pushes you to enjoy the moment, and inspires you to be honest with who lives in your heart.