French Blog Info Music reviews “Lies” (Promo Mix)


Take Satellite Train’s Musical Ride With “Lies”

In music, novelty is often a great discovery. Take Satellite Train’s musical journey with “Lies”.

What started out as just a game has become even more serious than one would have imagined. Indeed, the group Satellite Train composed of Americans and Australians makes us listen to absolutely brilliant music. 

They are only on their second single, but we can already see that success and glory are not far away. The single titled “Lies” is a perfect blend of rock, jazz and blues. They absolutely knew how to bluff the public with this song. Indeed, in their interpretation one can feel that they are in perfect cohesion. On top of that, their vocal performance makes us feel a clarity and stability in their singing style. 

“Lies” by Satellite Train, a very catchy sound that we could listen to all day long.