French based Iggy Magazine Reviews “Lies” (Promo Mix)

Power Pop Rock Lies with Satellite Train’s “Lies”


That’s it, we are at the beginning of the week. The weekend is still far away you will tell me, but we can already tell ourselves that the long-awaited moment of relaxation is close and even closer than you think. Indeed, the song that you are about to discover is on track to offer you a pure moment of appeasement in music. Satellite Train’s “Lies” is our Pop-Rock discovery of the day, a beautiful ballad full of nostalgic emotions that come to rest on contact with the unique voice of this singer accompanied by such talented musicians.

With ease and undeniable talent, Satellite Train manages to transport you into a singular musical universe, “Lies” is a musical experience that leaves you no choice but to get out of the moment, caught up in this harmony of piano and music. a rhythm that catches your ears.

With combinations of Pop, Folk and Rock sounds delivered in the form of engaging music, satellite Train gets the job done. More so, they innovate. They deliver a song of crazy production and realization that will not leave you indifferent. The addictive rhythm is distilled with efficiency and resounds in the minds like a mantra.

We are caught up in such delicacy and a discreet groove that leads us to imaginary soundscapes. You will fall for “Lies” by Satellite Train, right here: