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Satellite Train – Superstar

“Superstar” by Satellite Train is a thrilling rock anthem that captures the adrenaline and fervor of Aussie Rules Football. With its high-octane energy and powerful vocals, the song is a celebration of the beloved sport and its passionate fans. As a group of Australian musicians who grew up in Melbourne, Satellite Train has a deep appreciation for the game and wanted to express their love for it through music. The band’s debut single from “The Melbourne Sessions” song collection features an impressive lineup of musicians including Michael Paynter, John McAll, Shane O’mara, John Watson, Pasquale Monea, and Tori Rosa.

“Superstar” is a sports anthem to remember, one that’s enthralling to any sports fan but particularly so for the very unique culture behind Aussie Rules Football that most outside won’t be able to imagine. It has the capacity to unite people and bring joy to fans of all backgrounds, whether they are lifelong devotees of Aussie Rules or simply looking for a new anthem to get them pumped up.