El News offers a review of the song “Shameless” (Promo Mix).

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18 April 2023|MUSIC, NEWS, Podcast, Review

“Satellite Train’s “Shameless” Takes You on an Alt-Rock Pop Journey”

Australian-American rock band, Satellite Train, has set the bar high with their recent release, ‘Shameless,’ which is part of their triple single collection titled “Spacewalk.” The almost five-minute track is a beautiful amalgamation of alt-rock, pop, and classic rock, with a touch of soft rock and 80s rock that creates a unique sound that is both refreshing and nostalgic.

The band’s lead singer, Michael Paynter, formerly of Icehouse, delivers beautiful vocals that are both captivating and soulful. The lyric, “and if you ask my name is Shameless,” captures the heart of the song and is sure to become a crowd favorite.

Satellite Train’s approach to music releases is unorthodox, but it works. The Melbourne Sessions and Spacewalk collections cater to different listeners but still offer some overlap. The immersive Dolby Atmos mix of the song makes for a more engaging listening experience.

In summary, fans of alternative, pop, and classic rock should definitely check out Satellite Train’s “Shameless.” Paynter’s strong vocals and the band’s distinctive sound combine to provide a remarkable listening experience. The record is a monument to the band’s musical ability and innovation at the pinnacle of their career. 

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