“EDM Records review of ‘Broken Heart’ (Promo Mix) by Satellite Train.”

Broken Heart (Original Single) By Satellite Train

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The song begins with fantastic guitar chords that fade in and quickly grab your attention. The vocals are gruff and to kill for, the beat is captivating and lively, and you’ll be swaying to the rhythm, as the lyrics weave a story that will keep you entirely focused on the words. The song contains everything you might want in an indie-rock tune. The vocals are marvelous, the production is exceptional, and the composition is exquisite, this single is simply perfection!

It’s the perfect song to get lost in and just enjoy. The dynamic guitar playing and ravishing background instrumentals keep you curious from start to finish. The vocals are tastefully done, with a deep tone that truly lifts the song; they really do a great job of making the whole thing better and more appealing. The song is about his broken heart, and the lyrics, which are beautifully rhymed and simply told, are nicely written and convey a story.

One of our favorite verse features the bittersweet beauty of the lyrics, which reads “And if you should think of me / From time to time / And hope that despite you / Well I’m doing fine / And if you should write to me / Don’t be surprised / If my reply / Includes a piece of my / Broken Heart” These lines are lovely and poignant and written from the heart.

We’ll be playing this song nonstop and you will too because of the excellent production and stunning lyrics that will most certainly capture your heart. To stay up to date, follow Satellite Train on social media and give “Broken Heart” a much-needed listen on Spotify.

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