Dynamic and determined Dan Parseghian

Dynamic and determined Dan

Occasionally, you meet someone who has contributed to the history of music. Not in a glamorous manner, but nonetheless. Daniel Parseghian is one of these individuals. We were impressed by his story.

Daniel is the owner of “Hollywood Audio Video Transfer House”. His father passed the business on to him and he now runs the business with the assistance of other family members. They provide a full range of audio and video transfer services. It was originally known as Parseghian Photography at its Hollywood location in 1966 before transitioning into the audio and video industry to become Parseghian Productions.

We recently worked with Dan and were blown away by how far he stepped above and beyond to complete the work. At first, it appeared impossible, but Dan worked with a friend at another studio and together they came up with a creative solution. A testament to his abilities.

A technical challenge was presented to Dan and he put himself out of his way to make it happen with the assistance of friends of his. He recently offered to show us how studios work, and we were more than happy to accept! It is without a doubt that he performs this work for the love of it. Besides completing the work, he also offered a tour of the facility. It is a small business, but it has survived since 1966, and it is easy to understand why.