Drummers who have come and gone

Satellite Train has had several drummers on its roster. David Wilshire was the original drummer. He participated in the recording of the first few tracks. Anthony Argiro of Pseudo Echo played drums on other early recordings, as did John Lloyd of Icehouse.

Anthony Argiro is a gifted drummer and a true artist. His suggestions and ideas were always welcome, and he contributed to some of the early demos. Anthony is a drummer who has a distinctive drum style and plays with flair. In his own right, he is an extremely talented musician and songwriter.

Having the opportunity to meet and briefly work with John Lloyd was a pleasure. A friendly individual who is as talented an artist as he is a drummer. He was a key component of The Flowers’ album Icehouse, and I admired his drumming style. His performance on the songs he played for Satellite Train gave them that signature John Lloyd drum sound.

Additionally, Satellite Train has worked with American drummers Matt Laug and Gary Novak. The two had previously been members of Alanis Morissette’s band. At the time when Satellite Train’s sound began to take shape, they were involved. Matt is a consummate professional, and I have never witnessed such an energetic drummer as Gary Novak.

The drummers on upcoming Satellite Train recordings will be John Watson of James Reyne and Gregg Bisonnette of Ringo Starr. However, Satellite Train has been fortunate enough to work with an array of incredibly talented drummers, each of whom has a distinctive style.