Damien Reid of Illustrate Magazine reviews “Lies” (Promo Mix)

Satellite Train’s track “Lies” is an electrifying track filled with interesting pop-rock energy that captivates its listeners from the very first note. Specifically, because of the singer’s upbeat tone, which complements the spicy guitar segments and fat bass lines.

“Lies” is a catchy tune that delivers a top-notch melody. There’s a lovely consistency with the track where each instrumentation and transition is just the right balance and isn’t excessive. At times the track manages to groove you into a slow dance segment, and at other times is like a warm embrace consoling you with a tight rhythm section. Satellite Train’s creativity and composition style are quite wonderful. Synergy and polish are present throughout the track and it has a sort of healing effect. The song from start to finish felt quite enriching. Whenever piano segments were blooming and the drummer took on a bold approach, it felt natural. Also, the singer’s existence throughout the track had a nice flow. The instrumentation knew each vocal spread and followed it through.

Satellite Train’s song may pertain to the essence of pop rock, but there are hints of psychedelia and funk thrown in here and there. The guitar tone and chord structures were delightful, and this is where all the mysterious patterns come alive. The bright accented tunes stay true to its pop theme, and it’s tough to dislike the catchy vibes of the track. Lastly, coming back to the singer’s style, they really managed to soothe you into a powerful tune!