Cool Cat Pasquale Monea

Pasquale Monea has been a member of Satellite Train since its founding. He shares bass playing duties with Chris Cheney of Jane’s Addiction. With his unique and melodious sound, Pasquale contributes to the signature Satellite Train sound. His style is very melodic and he is constantly experimenting.

He began his musical career playing the bass, but has since transitioned to the drums as his primary instrument. In order to perform on the debut album, he was willing to pull his bass from storage and dust it off after not playing bass for five years. Even though he was initially unsure whether he would be up to the challenge, he quickly gained confidence and laid down bass on the upcoming debut album of Satellite Train “Spacewalk”.

After playing bass with Stephen Cummings for many years, Pasquale joined Melbourne band The Eternal Smile, recording and releasing several songs. In addition to receiving local airplay, The Eternal Smile also had a loyal following of live audiences. One of their most popular songs is ‘Godsent Thing’.

He has also collaborated with Melbourne blues singer Kerrie Simpson, whose 1999 album Confessin’ the Blues was nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Blues & Roots Album.

The Rubyset was formed following Pasquale’s breakup with Kerry Simpson. Susan Turner played keyboards and sang, while Pasquale played drums. As a duo, the Rubyset performed extensively live. Susan and Pasquale are currently preparing to record new music in their respective home studios.

With his unique signature sound, a keen sense of melody, and a desire to experiment, Pasquale has greatly contributed to Satellite Train.