Clive Young, a gifted lyricist

Among the most talented contributors to Satellite Train is Clive Young. He is a true musical artist with an incredible vocal range, a beautiful voice, and a wonderful sense of lyric. In his first performance with Satellite Train, he covered “Can’t Help Myself” by The Flowers. He sang it in the style of Robert Smith of The Cure. The approach was interesting. He also sang on the early experimental Satellite Train material.

Clive is featured on vocals on our recent live release “Love My Way”. Occasionally, Clive can be heard singing background vocals. However, Clive’s contribution to Satellite Train is primarily lyrical in nature. A key component of Satellite Train’s signature is the lyrical contribution of Clive Young.

The appeal of Clive’s lyrics is that he has something to say. The experience of having Clive in the studio was always enjoyable. As soon as he entered the studio, he would turn on the studio TV and watch a football game or discuss current events. For maybe 10 minutes in an hour, the focus would shift to the music, and his ability to compose quality lyrics would become evident.

Clive has achieved considerable success as a songwriter and is one of Australia’s most talented songwriters. A clear signature of his influence and lyrical style can be found in Satellite Train’s material.