“Broken Heart” (Demo Mix) reviewed by French music blog, Info Music

Satellite Train Brings You This New Original Single Entitled “Broken Heart”

In music, novelty is often a great discovery. Satellite train brings you this new original single titled “Broken Heart”.

Written by Published January 4, 202

Are you a rock or blues fan? Satellite train is the band for you. Comprised of members from various Australian bands, Satellite train was originally conceived as a fun side project between friends.

In this piece, the instrumental stems from a particularly uplifting atmosphere attached to lyrics that create an emotion of a whole different caliber. Impeccable production work has gone into this track. The perfect synchronization between the composition and the vocal performance gives only one desire, that of listening and re-listening. 

So what are you waiting for to listen to this song?

Review: infomusic.fr