covers Aussie Rules Football song “Superstar”.



Australia is a fascinating country. This incredible land is home to the quintessential rock group, AC/DC, but in reality we Europeans know very little about the traditions and customs of the Australians. The national sport is Australian football which is as popular and followed as football is for us. In a game of this sport two teams of eighteen players each face off and it is played on an oval-shaped field four times the size of a soccer field. 

This contact sport was born in 1859 and is played in winter (in Australia the cold months are from June to August) and there are both men’s and women’s teams. The popularity of this sport makes it the most practiced athletic activity in Australia and the enthusiasm and passion for this discipline has also inspired musicians who have written songs dedicated to what is known as Aussie Rules Football.

A band that wanted to pay homage to this exciting sport is Satellite Train , an Australian formation that with the song Superstar has managed to capture all the enthusiasm and energy that only sporting competition can convey.

With this debut single Satellite Train launch a series of songs that will explore typically Australian topics of interest, with an operation aimed at recovering their roots and their cultural identity.

The song in question is really bright and energetic. The song opens with a gritty rock tempo accompanied by a muted electric guitar. A chant-like chorus welcomes us to the track, making us feel part of a large community. The first verse begins with great pomp with the singer using a high and powerful vocal register reminiscent of the vocals of bands like Europe.


The song’s structure and vocal setting seem to be inspired by that kind of sparkling and adrenaline-filled rock of the 80s. There are songs that seem to be written to serve as a backdrop for the emotions of sport and this is one of them.

The same energy of the Rocky movies is tangible in this piece that exudes enthusiasm and passion. The many sections of this song seem to cross the many states of mind experienced by those who find themselves cheering for their favorite team: the excitement for the start of the game, the wild cheering, the tension for the outcome of the race and finally the final exultation for the longed-for victory.

The atmospheres of this piece could be applied to any sporting discipline because they fully reflect that passion and devotion that sportsmen really know well.