Artisti Online Italy reviews “Cry”


You can cry for many reasons: for love, for hate, for sadness or for anger. We cry when we are young, adults and elderly, although crying is generally associated with children. They too, just like adults, can cry for many reasons which are often frivolous. Little ones may cry because they are hungry, because they are sleepy or simply because they are having a tantrum.

There are times, however, when children “really” cry and their tears are real, dictated by real negative emotions. Well those tears are more real than ever in the single “Cry” by Satellite Train , a group that includes Australian and American musicians.

The song tells the touching story of a little girl who cries as she misses her parents who are not there with her and who has to face loneliness in childhood. “Cry” is a touching and emotional musical journey that navigates the realms of emotions, conveying a signal of inner strength and resilience and inviting you to smile even in dark moments. The powerful and engaging text conquers and captures the listener, creating a strong, sincere and emotionally deep connection with him.

“Cry” begins with a powerful and sweeping vintage 80s rock vibe that captivates the audience with catchy drum fills and beautiful guitar riffs. The song is accompanied by a light and warm atmosphere, which weaves a rhythmic glow that dispenses smiles and elevates the spirit. The music of the song moves on a country-rock path, where the singer’s lead voice stands out high and with a notable extension. The choirs also deserve a mention, capable of projecting the listener into a musical journey of a thousand emotions.

Satellite Train love to experiment and move between multiple genres, in fact they blend rock, pop and alternative sounds that create a persuasive and engaging rhythm that remains strongly imprinted in the mind and ears.

What really differentiates this song, in addition to the very pleasant and appreciable musicality, is the message of positivity. The title of the song is “Cry” (“to cry”), but in reality it is the abbreviation of the phrase “Don’t Cry” (“don’t cry”), and the final message is precisely that of smiling in adversity and trying the sun even on the gloomiest rainy days. 

A message that suits any person, regardless of their personal background, culture, ethnicity or language spoken. A song that unites all people and sends a multi-cultural message, musically speaking.

The musical composition and instrumentation create a dynamic and relaxing atmosphere, which offers a truly immersive experience that captures and fascinates the audience from the first notes, where a strong optimism and a powerful energy with healing power resonate.

Among other things, “Cry” is just an appetizer of “The Melbourne Sessions”, the next Satellite Train album that is characterized by its sincere narration and compelling sound. “Cry” created great anticipation for the group’s debut album and is a small precious stone kept in the treasure chest of Satellite Train, who will continue to churn out pearls of the genre. Stay tuned!