Allison Iraheta, an innovator

In a couple of our upcoming songs, Allison Iraheta will perform as a guest artist. One of these songs is Shameless, a song that Alison added many layers of vocals to create rich harmonies. Alison is best known for her performance on American Idol season 8 where she finished in fourth place. After winning Idol, Iraheta signed a record deal with 19 Entertainment and Jive Records. Her debut album, Just Like You, was released on December 1, 2009.
These days, Alison and Matteo Eiya offer subscribers a unique and innovative live streaming concert and chat show.
It is our pleasure to work with Alison. She is one of the most pleasant and down-to-earth people we have worked with. You can expect some great music to be released in the future by her and Matteo.