Akram Solimon of Rock Era Magazine reviews “Lies” (Promo Mix)

Lies by Satellite Train

Satellite Train are a supergroup in every sense of the word. The band started as a fun side-project between friends, and now they are releasing their debut single called “Lies”. The lineup is a mix of musicians form.

Australian and American bands, including Michael Paynter of Icehouse, Gregg Bisonnete of Ringo Starr, John McCall of The Black Sorrows, Randy Jacobs of Paul Kelly, Shane O’Mara of Paul Kelly, Pasquale Monea of Stephen Cummings, Jamie Muhoberac of John Mayer and Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction. The names and the bands they play with are already eye-openers on their own, so let’s see how this new single holds up. 

The song begins with soft and high vocals that set the mood for what’s about to come. The guitars play an awesome chord progression that takes us back to basics with its mix of vibes between 60s Rock and modern Pop-Rock. The drum line is wonderful and well-thought throughout the track, and so are the added percussion sounds. The keyboards are well balanced between being percussive and melodic, which is something you don’t hear often in this type of song. The way the basslines and guitar lines are easy to vibe with and the catchiness of the chorus make me sire this one will become a hit, once it gets more radio and platform streams for sure. Last but not least, the high-pitched and playful vocals here are the star of the show. I loved the intonation, the clarity, the pitch stability, and how there is a smooth balance between head and chest voice throughout the song that makes it feel like an easy-to-sing vocal line (which is not true at all). At the end of the day, what started as a collaborative side project of some friends ended up having a flavor and a personality of its own and this material pretty much deserves to be taken on tour and played for live audiences, in my non-humble and biased opinion.