“1111CR3W’s review of ‘Broken Heart’ (Demo Mix) by Satellite Train.”


Satellite Train was first conceptualized as a lighthearted side project between close friends. Michael Paynter, one of the singers for Icehouse, gives some of his best vocal performances on the band’s first album.

Unlike any other album out there, Satellite Train has a diverse lineup of musicians from both Australia and the United States. 

Michael Paynter, Pasquale Monea, Susan Turner, John McAll, John McAll, Shane O’Mara, Randy Jacobs, Jamie Muhoberac, Chris Cheney, and Gregg Bissonette are among the Australian musicians mentioned.

A wide range of musical genres is explored, even though each song has its distinctive sound. Whoever sings the lead on a song often determines its overall tone. Artistically, each musician is allowed to draw from their own experiences and preferences.

The song “Broken Heart” has a catchy beat and excellent instrumentation that was produced by the luminaries involved in the song’s creation, making it feel like a spontaneous jam session amongst musicians.

Review: optimates7.com